20 Years Anniversary of the Opening Party for the Sci Fi Western Art Show

Sci Fi Western is an art movement, also a video documentation of a huge art opening, first shown at the 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco, California on January 23rd, 2003.

The art opening was on January 23 in San Francisco, California at the 111 Minna Gallery. This is a documentation of that art opening and everything you would want to know about Sci Fi Western.

I had a live virtual party to celebrate on the 23rd of January. I did a short presentation on Zoom and then we watched the video together. Afterwards, I answered questions and discussed the project.

My video is about the art show, the artists, the inspiration, the catalog, the music « Sci Fi Western ». This was an underground art movement in California in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. And this art show was during it’s biggest heyday. I am the narrator and guide. I hope you enjoy!


The Day the Earth Stood Still Theramin Studio Session
Metropolis Soundtrack
The Outer Limits Sound Effect
Sci Fi Vortex – Sound Effects YouTube Library
FX from The War of the Worlds
Sound Effect from Tarantula
The Gonk from Dawn of the Dead
Braying Mule from Ennio Morricone
Drums a Gogo
Rocket Roll by the Phenomenauts
Old West Gunslingers Music from www.FesliyanStudios.com Steve Oxen
And then there were drums by Sandy Nelson from Call of the Wild Pirate Radio

Artists: Marco Almera, Lois Anderson, Van Arno, Anthony Ausgang, Clayton Bailey, Gary Baseman, Jim Bauer, Josh Berkowitz, Megan Besmirched , Rachael Bickley, Tim Biskup, Bosko, Andrew Brandon, Jim « Shift E » Breazeale, Sunny Buick, Carson, Graham Chaffee, Al Cintraleite, Christian Clayton, Rob Clayton, Dan Collins, Troy Cook, Dave Cooper, Adam Cruz, Mike Davis, Johnny Dismal, DX, Emek, Ron English , Sandra Equihua, Chick Fontaine, Douglas Fraser, Charles Glaubitz, Bruce Gossett, Jorge Gutierrez, Pamela Hobbs, Seonna Hong, Hungry Dog Studios, Brian Hutflies, Matthew James, Jill Jordan, Christina Karas, Ryan Kelly, Kepi, Kristine Krytter, Stacy Lande, Joe Leonard, Rafael Lopez, Mr. Lucky, Michael Manning, Diego Manning, Mario Martinez, Mats!, James McNulty, Tara McPherson, Darren Merinuk, Joe Newton, Mitch O’Connell, Martin Ontiveros, Julie Pavlowski, Jesus « Txotxo » Angel Perez, Jack Perkins, Shauna Peterson, Lisa Petrucci, Rick Potts, Moritz Reichelt, Rocco, Spain Rodriquez , KRK Ryden, Mark Ryden, Richard Sala, Isabel Samaras, Kevin Scalzo, Anastasia Schipani, Kathy Schorr, Todd Schorr, Kim Scott, Skinner, Sky and Sonny J, Winston Smith, Mike Sosnowski, Jeff Soto, Bwana Spoons, Nicole Steen, Sean Stepanoff, Tex, Jeral Tidwell, Paul Valadez, Vicki M., Eric White, Robert Williams, Tom Williams, James Wong Over 100 artists participated in the Sci Fi Western Art Show but only 96 were on time for the catalog deadline. There were a handfull more who were in the show but the original inventory list has been lost. If you were in the art show and your name was not mentioned, I thank you and please contact me.