Dreaming Gypsy

Look at this dreamy image of luxurious vintage textiles. Is it a gypsy wagon or a train car? For a queen or a vagabondtextilegypsy?

Butterfly Lady

I found this image on flickr. I would love to tattoo it on someone exactly as-is! Any takers?

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Giddy99 on flickr has used my drawing for a duvet project. My design looks cool embroidered!

(she asked for permission and everything!)

Flickr faves King Kong!!!!

1. KONGA (1961) Advance One Sheet, 2. KONGA (1961) Artwork, 3. KingKong_130Pikturz, 4. King Kong, 5. IMG_1604, 6. King Kong vs Godzilla, 7. King Kong (Door Hanger) 1933, 8. King Kong Escapes (One Sheet Style B) 1968, 9. King Kong Battling Finger Puppet, 10. King Kong vs Godzilla, 11. KING KONG (1933) Danish one sheet rerelease 1948, 12. Classic King Kong, 13. King Kong???, 14. King kong, 15. Classic King Kong, 16. King Kong rising from the depths, 17. KING KONG, 18. Classic King Kong, 19. King Kong, 20. King Kong vs Godzilla (Half-Sheet) 1963, 21. King kong, 22. King Kong -1933-, 23. King Kong, 24. Godzilla vs king kong, 25. KING KONG

Judi Bird is Back

My favorite flickr poster Judibird is back after disappearing from the internet for quite awhile. Here’s some photos she requested taken in Paris of the lovely creatures she sent me. She has a shop at etsy but there’s not much there at the moment, maybe soon!

judibird1 judibird2