Laya Raki

Thanks to a reader I found out more about the mysterious lady with big hair. She’s Laya Raki german actress/dancer born to circus parents.


1. Norton Bag, 2. Esquerita, 3. esquerita%20vint%20voola, 4. ESQUERITA WHO PUT THE POMP?, 5. I love big hair, 6. esquerita pops!, 7. esquerita smokes, 8. Esquerita!, 9. Esquerita   Do you know Esquerita? Little Richard copied all his outrageousness but had more...

Prisilla Presley: The Big Hair Days

I wish I had tons of info for you like who Prisilla’s hairdresser was and how she maintained such heights. If you do, please let us know! I just think she had a cool name and even cooler beehive.

Wayne Cochran = Big Hair!

Named “The White James Brown” soul singer Wayne Cochran had the biggest blond afro in show business. I must give him the up most of my hair respect because not only did he dance and sweat under that hugemungus pompador but he also bleached the heck out of...