Aztec Eye Heart Earrings by Sunny Buick


You will absolutely love wearing these earrings!!
extra lightweight and fun to wear.
These earrings measure about 1.2″ by 3.14″.
Hand Made
Sent from Paris France

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Aztec Eye Heart earrings
I took an old tattoo flash design of mine and made into tattooed jewellery!
These little heart earrings are so mystically intriguing ! Choose carefully between the clip-on posts, pierced post or the hanging wire model. The flaming eye heart is a motif that I love and have drawn many times, different ways. My Mexican Milagros heart series has been very popular and fun for me to do. Milagros are mexican embossed tin hearts that are hung in the home or on an altar. They serve to ask God for a miracle, or show gratitude for one that has been granted. I especially identify with the miraculous heart, and I started to draw them obsessively in the end of 2016. They were the perfect symbol for what I had been feeling, or more precisely a denial of what I felt. Alternatively, a desire to feel something else. This art project was self-prescribed form of therapy, after what seemed like a year filled with tragedies.

Like I said, these hearts became an obsession, turning my anxiety into a positive and productive activity. Instead of fear and paranoia, I chose to manifest love and miracles. Likewise asking in the spirit of generosity for a never ending supply of ardor in my heart. Love, not to hold onto for myself, but regenerative, expanding, and contagious. That eternal yearning, searching for intimacy, the “into me see” connection with others. I was asking to have more sympathy for others, affection for others as a way to open up. If showing love is the ritual, sharing love is the offering, love becoming a virus is the reward, the magic spell.
I designed the pendants on my computer and laser cut them from 1/8″ acrylic plexiglass.
The actual pendant measures about 1.2 inches wide and 3.14 inches long including the ear clip.
Are your earring holes stretched? Please let me know what kind of backing you would prefer and I can make you a custom order.
Are you allergic to a certain kind of metal. Please let me know what kind of metal you would prefer and I can make you a custom order.
These earrings have been hand-designed and laser cut from 4mm plexiglass sheets right here in Paris, France.
Please send a message if you would like a different style of finding (stud post/clip-on/Wire).
These designs can be made into necklaces too! Just send me a message and I will make you a custom order.
Do not hesitate to let me know your desires!

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Clip-On, Pierced Post, Hanging Wire


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