Old School Tattoo Butterfly


Old School Tattoo Butterfly
32,5 cm x 24 cm
12.8 inches by 9.44 inches
Fimo Clay, Hairpin, Watercolor, Paper

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I am the butterfly. I am in transformation.
Another reason why I’m obsessed with butterflies is symmetry.
All of the tattoos on my body are symmetric. Someone once told me that people who seek symmetry compulsively are insane 😅
I don’t know if that is true, but I do value balance.
Harmony and balance are considered elements of beauty.
I also think about the mirror image and reflection. The mirror for those special people in our lives who show us by the quality we don’t like in them, exactly what it is that WE need to work on. And reflection for taking time to see and think.
Good reminders for me on the road to transformation.
This cruelty free insect taxidermy is made with love in Paris, France.


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