On saturday I went to Antibes to visit the Peynet museum. I only recently found out about it through a flurry of blog posts around St Valentine’s day. Peynet is most famous for his lovers, “les amoureuses”. His museum is located in old Antibes and he also has two museums in Japan in Karuizawa and Mimasaka.

No photos were allowed but if you go there try to find the mermaid with the fish umbrella, the girl in a pony tail in her lingerie with a birdie taking away her bra, the boyfriend playing the music notes marked on his lady’s stocking tops, the young man who’s caught a mermaid. I also was quite fond of a gouache painting called “Les Femmes du Boeuf” the butcher standing in front of a sumptuous red parlor. Two children’s book on display that I would have loved to leaf through, “La Princess Boule de Neige et le Prince Frizontine” and “Le Voyage de Monsieur Ferrichou”. One of the rubber dolls on display had an outfit I’d like to recreate; pink polka dot circle skirt with black ribbon near bottom white lace trimmed blouse, black spanish shawl, black crucifix choker black and white pill box hat, black ballerinas.

A small alley in Antibes:


A furry mister at the flea market:


Me in a dress found at The Church of Vintage


Taurus by Peynet:

peynet4 peynet3
Rubber dolls by Peynet:

peynet1 peynet2