I tattooed Sacha last week in his shop in Oslo. He is always teasing Annette, his girlfriend because she has two big front teeth. So when we decided on a pinup tattoo, we put her in a bunny costume. At the last minute Sacha asked for the teeth added as well. So it’s a tribute to his love!



Later Annette asked me to do a portrait of Sacha, I suggested a frog but she decided on a rabbit as well. They always call each other Honey Bunny. Sacha has a silver tooth, I aslo added his ear plugs and neck tattoos. But my favorite detail is the facial hair! What a cute couple!


The young lovers:


This is the church across the street from Sacha’s shop. He has a view of it from the waiting area. On the other side of the shop he has a view of industrial buildings but the sun sets on that side and they are both incredible views! The shop is really a dream to work in.