Continuing with all the retail goodness I found in Japan. Some rice crackers I found in Shimokitizawa. The shop was so gorgeous and vintage too! I will show some pictures of it later. The green crackers were sweet with a sugar glaze almost like a breakfast cereal but more crunchy. Wish I could find them here!


Some records I found at Vinyl Japan Punk Market.


I was on a hunt for the work of this illustrator:  Yuki Koishikawa. I only found some postcards at Pop Culture in Shinjuku. Design styles have changed a lot since we were in Tokyo three years ago.


More records! Many things were on sale and our euro were pretty strong. We could have brought back dozens more records but we had the luggage weight limit!


On one of our wandering days we found an antique gift shop in “Terra Shopping quarters” Daikan-yama station. All I had was the name of a couple of metro stops as a guide for interesting neighborhoods.


Sophisticated Boom Boom and a raffia hair elastic.


Nakano Broadway, I love you! The bag is marked with the name of a sake alcohol and I use it as a purse. The book is a fashion illustrator from the 1930’s. I will show you some images from the inside, it is so wonderful!