This is the second post about the Brussels Toy Museum, read the other post here. For young budding engineers and mechanics, here’s some gorgeous gears, chains and cogs: IMG_0953sm IMG_0954sm IMG_0955sm Here’s a photo of your’s truely after I shrunk myself down to fit in the mini tollbooth. IMG_0960sm Check out these display cases that ressemble houses on a block. IMG_0966sm IMG_0967sm Motorcycle for a miniature Marlon Brando. IMG_0970sm The enchanted repair shop. I was lucky to take a peek because I think this door is usually closed. IMG_0971sm Paper theaters! What children did before there was television!!! IMG_0974sm I covet all of these lovely watches! IMG_0975sm IMG_0977sm IMG_0982sm I love the glamor of these two blond 1930’s cowgirls and their bee-stung lips. Followed by the sketch I did of them. IMG_0984sm img056sm A fabulous collection of toy castles, many of which look hand made. IMG_0988sm IMG_0989sm IMG_0991sm