My Ritualistic Miracle Hearts Project

by Sunny Buick

Milagros are mexican embossed tin hearts that are hung in the home or on an altar. They serve to ask God for a miracle, or show gratitude for one that has been granted. I especially identify with the miraculous heart, it’s the perfect symbol for what I am feeling, or more precisely a denial of what I am feeling. Alternatively, a desire to feel something else. A self-prescribed form of therapy, after what seemed like a year filled with tragedies.

Ritualistic Art

With this in mind, I’m calling this kind of work Ritualistic Art. My ritual is to choose a theme and explore it thoroughly.

Firstly, I start with a fixed idea and see where it goes, discovering with excitation the unexpected, the unknown. Choosing the detail to pay attention to and then finding it everywhere. Each heart has a different story, illuminates another dark corner, like a candle lit séance.

Then, I work with an intention to understand what is happening on the interior. In order to create from the center of my emotional being. As well as to objectify the inner states of my soul. Finally to cherish each moment and be present.

Creativity is the Goddess Manifesting

Creation is not only divinity manifesting, but also devotion to the process and the Goddess. Making art is therefore my way of praying by myself and then finding courage to share with the world. Courage that comes from the heart is my offering.

For example these hearts have become an obsession, turning my anxiety into a positive and productive activity. Instead of fear and paranoia, I chose to manifest love and miracles. Likewise asking in the spirit of generosity for a never ending supply of ardor in my heart. That is, love, not to hold onto for myself, but regenerative, expanding, and contagious.

Clearly, that eternal yearning, searching for intimacy, the “into me see” connection with others is universal. In addtion, asking to have more sympathy for others, affection for others is a way to open up. If showing love is the ritual, sharing love is the offering, love becoming a virus is the reward, the magic spell.

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