San Diego California, mid June 2018, the begining of a beautiful summer. Here I am unable to stop my planning and scheming for the future. I’m kinda excited about some spiritual growth I’ve made in the last few months. I hope to share more with you soon. This vacation helped me to put some order in my chaotic thoughts.

We visited the Barrio district of San Diego, possibly the most vibrant area in town. Great food, record stores, lowbrow art galleries, art studios, murals. My kind of place!

We also visited Coronado Island. Hotel del Coronado where they filmed “Some Like it Hot”. A very swanky part of town, art deco architecture, beach, palm trees, get the picture?

Tiki Coctails at False Idol. Lovely conversation about Binaural recording with Carl Rusk

Dinner at Bali Hai. Watching the sun go down on the Bay with good friends and good food.

Shopping in the South Park district:

Vinyl Junkie’s Record shop.

Lunch in Oceanside:

Beatnik dinner with Wendy Horowitz, Becky Ebenkamp, Domenic Priore and Les Crapos just across the freeway from the Hollywood Bowl in a fantastic mid century apartment. This photo is the only documentation I have of a lovely evening.

Prettiest little Bungalow in Pasadena.

I remember flyers on telephone poles, don’t you? That’s how we found out about concerts and underground happenings before internet. I have so much pity for the youth of today.

We had a nice little walk in Venice Beach.

Of course we visited the Mecca: Soap Plant Wacko La Luz de Jesus

I’m so in love with L.A.’s Chinatown. I would live there if I still lived in the USA. (I still prefer living in France) There are some great contemporary art galleries and an art brut gallery.

Glendale Neon Museum, very highly reccomended! They have night tours in a tour bus, check it out!