Mexico City is built in the crater of a dead volcano. It is enormous, sprawling, polluted, magical, violent, and enimagitic. It has a reputation for being dangerous. There is a even a seperated metro car for women only, which means that they must need it.

Mexico to me means the art of Posada, pre-hispanic culture, poverty, hardship, passion, family, conflict. I love the many faces of indigenous people, the DIY attitude and entreprenurial spirit. Popular art is Art Brut, no wonder the surrealists were fascinated by Mexico. It’s museums are some of the best in the world. I love to explore mysterious places to unlock their secrets.

When I lived in California I lived in the mexican neighborhood, the Mission. This may be the roots of why I love this country so much, I’ve been exposed to the people and the culture for quite a long time.

I love Mexico city! It is so colorful and full of tectural contrasts. Everywhere I look there’s inspiration. I go through the city at least twice a year to go visit my mother.

When in the Roma neighborhood, be sure to check out Veritgo Gallery:
The show I saw was Jesús Cisneros, not usually a style that I like but it was very inspirational. Always great shows at Vertigo.

San Miguel walls and textures; cracked paint, graffiti on bricks, and rust.

Murals and shadow patterns.

Me and my mommy:


On this trip I was looking for costume elements for my performance/lecture in Spain on The history of Lowbrow Art. I discovered through an internet search that there is a fabric store district, and wig district in Centro Historico. Here I am trying on wigs for my performance in Spain:

I found silk for 1/5 the price of Paris fabric stores!

The jacarandas were in bloom! It makes me very happy to see purple tress, I don’t know why.

San Miguel de Allende:

Me and my mom:

Isis Rodrigez:
My mom and got a tour of artist Isis Rodriguez’s incredible studio in San Miguel de Allende, that she designed and had built herself. I knew Isis back in San Francisco, we were both in the book Vicious, Delicious, Ambitious by Sherri Cullison. I love the persona she created back then, the Zapista Stripper. She worked with Guillermo Gomez Pena, a performance artist that I adore. Back in the day she had a cartoon chicana style. Her new work, is clair-obsur style and is deeply spiritual self exploration; powerful and positive. We had such a great conversation. This woman is on fire and so inspirational! Google her, look at her instagram and website! Or take an art class from her if you’re ever in San Miguel de Allende. This is a magical place on earth.
I’m so happy for her that she found the place she wants to settle down in and that she built her dream studio. I made me dream of how I would make my art studio if I could build it anyway I wanted.

Dr. Mosca owner of La Clandestina San Miguel’s best tattoo shop and his girlfriend, Mascia. Maybe I will do a guest spot there someday.

Back in Mexico city, checking out all the new graffiti in the neighborhood I always stay in. This Jaguar and baby bunnies makes me think it’s a commentary on capitalism.

Dr Alderete at Vertigo gallery

Matt from Hellion gallery suggested an exposition of Lucien Shapiro at Maia Contemporary gallery; a collection of pieces made with found objects, what first appears to be weapons are actually supposed to be used in rituals for protection. He deals in subjects such as compulsion and addiction. He found the stuffed tiger at a fleamarket, in a deplorable condition and was inspired to rehabillitate the poor moth eaten thing into a sort of mystical being to be worshiped.

Yann Gerstberger: ICE NEWS & FREEWAY FETISHES OMR Gallery

I was very impressed by this installation. The walls were entirely covered in a chalk mural.

More goodness in Colonia Roma: Godzilla bar!

At Hellion gallery, an intenerate gallery that has pop up shows in Portland, Mexico City, and Tokyo, there was a show of Ben Venom. Here’s what is written about his work on his site: (he) works with re purposed materials to create textile-based pieces. (He) contrasts the often menacing and aggressive counterculture components of gangs, punk/metal music, and the occult with the comforts of domesticity. This collision of traditional quilting techniques with elements tied to the fringes of society re-envisions the story of the material through a softer lens. The reclaimed fabrics used in (his) work contain a multitude of personal histories and everyone’s unexplained stain, tear, or rip is included. These salvaged pieces are sewn into a larger narrative and become a part of a collective history within the work. The fragility of the materials and their assaulting imagery are brought together in the form of a functional piece of art.

Show was held at Donceles 64, Centro Historico at the Panteon gallery space. Where you can also find Pizza de Perro Negro, the Rabioso Bar, and a skate park! I’ve noticed a few buildings like this one where they imbrace the decay, retrofit the structure and leave the crumbling aspects. It seems to me like a new fashion but maybe I never noticed before.

A cool barber shop not far from the Panteon gallery.

It looks like this theatre has been abandoned, probably no longer safe since the earthquake. I hope they can repair it soon!

Stopover in Miami:

I had a 6 hour layover in Miami. My friend Boris picked me up and took me out to Cuban fast food.

El Mago de los Fritas

Frita with pulled pork. Mango Batidos (milk shake) delicious!

Thanks for visiting with me!

Here’s a slideshow of cute photos of my mom!
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