For years, the image of the butterfly woman has haunted me: the symmetrical, colorful wings of the insect added to the alluring femininity. I identify with the butterfly woman. I even made a collection of tattoo designs of her. This symbol, light and graceful, tickles my imagination, with visions of Victorian disguises. In Greek mythology, the butterfly represents the psyche, the destiny of the soul. The fragility of its existence evokes the swift flight of time. Later in Art History, 18th century vanitas serve to remind to abandon materialism and pretentiousness. All this speaks to me. I see the butterfly woman as a metaphor for the artist who has the power to take raw material and transform it into something that expresses the sensitivity of her soul. Another interpretation that interests me in the concept of the butterfly is that it is attracted to the light and its mystical counterpart: spirituality. Her way of flying towards a floating, carefree existance, is enviable. My painting “Social Butterfly” with her rose tattoos represents, for example, the freedom to have successive love stories. I like the combination of humor and melancholy in her choices.

40cm x 80cm
Acrylic on particle board
2006 Private Collection

Today, in artistic development, I am at the caterpillar stage: the phase where I could put my thoughts, my ideas, my projects in order. I see life right now as my chrysalis. The next stage of my metamorphosis will be a rebirth, a ritual passage. I want to make objects, installations, performances, multimedia, textiles. I still have a lot of progress to make before being in line with my vision. I need a change in my development; to re-determine my objectives, acquire a more controlled technique, a mastered methodology, but also learn to adopt a wild, spontaneous style, while learning to let go, and give up control. Several options appeal to me: use noble materials? Change style? Technical? I tend to love and look for symmetry, is that looking for balance? I don’t know yet, but I want to find out.

Cinéma Forain butterfly woman george méliès diableries pathé theater curtains dancing dice

Cinéma Forain
50cm x 70cm
Acrylic on Canvas
2009 Collection of the Artist

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La Femme Papillon