Kees Van Dongen

Some things I was able to find out about Kees Van Dongen: he was born in Holland, and he once shared an atelier with Picasso. He hung out with Kiki de Monparnasse and liked to frequent “les maisons closes”. He was known as a member of the movement “Fauvism”, when I looked up fauve I saw that it means “big cats”. Can anyone explain this to me?

I like his style, it reminds me a bit of Edward Gorey. There is an exhibit currently of his work in Amsterdam, I may have to book a ticket…

vandongen1 vandongen2 vandongen3 vandongen4 vandongen5 vandongen6 vandongen7 vandongen8 vandongen9 vandongen10

French Fall Looks 1950


I dream of a black gabordine v neck suit like the ones below:


Since I’ve moved to Europe I’m always looking for wool dresses. This is the kind I look for:

winter fashion

French Easter Chocolate

It amazes me every year the designs available for Easter chocolate. I remember just chocolate bunnies and jelly beans from my childhood. Here, in France you find chickens, like this cutie I offered myself, lobsters, squirrels, dogs, ducks, deer, sea shells and fish. The chocolate fish tradition comes from April Fool’s Day which here is called “Poisson d’avril”. My husband explained  to me that as a joke people would cut a fish out of paper and attach it to someone’s back with a friendly pat and if the person didn’t catch on everyone would laugh at them. The term has evolved into each time you make a joke at someone else’s expense, it’s a “Poisson d’avril’. These chocolates are from a boulangerie next to Tribal Act at Republique.

easter1 easter2 easter3

Arséne Lupin

The next books in french I’m going to read are the Arséne Lupin series. I already finished Arséne Lupin, the Gentleman Burglar, which was pretty good. I first got interested after reading Phantomas. These books were the french answer to Sherlock Holmes but written from the point of view of the criminal. I found the whole collection very cheap on ebay.


Exercise Lessons

OK ladies, it’s spring the season of renewal. Time to get those joints moving. Here’s some cute movements that you can do in your very own home.



exercises2 exercizes1

Speaking of diet and exercise, I counted calories almost all of last year and have continued this year. I lost 16 lbs. It took a long time but it was easier, gentler and more effective than anything I’ve tried before. I use Calorie King to figure out how much calories are in my food and I must weight everything. I let myself go on vacation and when I travel or have social engagements.


Beret- vintage

Top- vintage

Sweater- Tara Jarmon

Skirt- Handmade by me

Shoes- Enzo 1996

Tights- Hue

Broach- my friend Ciou