Happy Valentine’s Day



“Be All Mine” is the title of my friend’s CD. We worked on this together last year, but they decided not to use it. Which one do you like better?

Sourpuss Samples Giveaway

So here’s what Sourpuss Clothing did with the images I illustrated. So far they haven’t done anything with the cat (many a reader’s favorite) or the teapot. I always find it a little strange to see what is done with my art after I send it off. Sometimes I wish I was a little more involved with the design process. These turned out pretty cute. let me know what you think.

So if you would like to win one of the items below please leave a comment. The dresses and t-shirts are size medium. Only comments marked I’m a medium or I want to win for someone who is a medium will be eligible for the clothing. Everyone is eligible for the purses. I will pull names on the 8th of February. There will also be a giveaway for the new Yujean products very soon, stay tuned!








Sunny Buick for Sour Puss

Earlier this year I did a series of illustrations for Sourpuss clothing. I will post the products they made with them soon! Let me know which ones are your favorites! I hope to do a giveaway soon with some of my new productions. Keep your eyes peeled to this blog!






Baby Geisha

I’ve been working hard to finish many projects that were started long ago. I seem to have periods where I note tons of ideas on paper and then after some time passes I feel the need to stop starting things and to start finishing some!

Another piece that I would really love to tattoo. Contact me if you are interested.


Mystery Novels Tattoo Design

Due to a snafu in communications, finishing the last contest winner took a while, but here it is!

Kristina said: What an opportunity! As I only got tattooed by you once in berlin this would be the best reason for a trip to paris. As I always wanted to celebrate my love for classic murder and mystery stories, I would love to have a Miss Marple or Hercule Poirot tribute tattoo. I am thinking of Poirot as a fat cat with moustache with a perfect fitting suit looking clever while working with his “little grey cells”. In my fantasy Miss Marple could be represented by a bird, with granny hat and pearls, sitting on a huge loop. I would love to have the tattoo on my right calf. The size of 15 x 10 cm would be nice.


I Imagine Peacock Ladies

I would really like to tattoo this on someone. It must be placed on the upper arm, a half sleeve. Please contact me if you are interested.