I’m working on a new banner for tattoo conventions. Something easier to travel with. There will be a tattooed lady, of course. I’m reseaching for ideas for her tattoos and here’s a gorgeous image that I found that I’m absolutely in love with!


Tattoo Drawing Contest Second Prize

I would get a tattoo of my cat, Beep, on the outside of my upper right arm. Why a tattoo of my cat? Because he’s been a constant companion for the last 11 years. He greets me when I come home and sleeps with me each night. Whenever I’m sick or had a bad day he’s right beside me purring away trying to make it better. The ex-roommate’s boyfriend that I hated, he clawed the guy. If I were a witch he’d be my familiar.

Since he’s been a lucky guy, Beep’s survived a rattlesnake bite and weeks missing in the heat of Texas’s summer, I’d want a picture of his face surrounded by a horseshoe. I can picture him wearing a bandanna or bow tie with a little dead rabbit head in the center (he once caught and ate a rabbit while on a cat lead). There would be flowers, since when he gets outside the first thing he does is stop to smell the flowers. Or something like that.

I know it sounds a bit crazy, but I can’t think of a better way to commemorate my furry munchkin than to get a tattoo of him so that when he’s gone one day I can look down and remember his goofy face.

Posted by: Melissa | 06/14/2011 at 04:41 PM

Ace of Spades

Logo I did for someone I work with. As de Pique is of course the Ace of Spades and the name of his fixed gear bike project.


Preliminary Sketches for Painting

Some drawings I did awhile ago for another bird woman image. So far everyone likes image number 2. Which one do you like?





Milan What I Wore



Dress: Betsy Johnson circa 1996
Hat: Janine Basil etsy (my design)
Earrings: vintage chartreuse and gold ceramic
Scarf: vintage
Belt: vintage
Saddle Scarf Ring: vintage, sterling silver souvenir of the 1939 San Francisco World Fair
Pirate Boots: Chinese Laundry
Tattoo Machine: Lundberg Customs


Happy New Year 2011

Wishing you a fabulous, creative, prosperous, joyous 2011!!!!


Dream Rain Boots

I’ve been searching but I can’t find any chic galloshes. Anyone out there have any suggestions?


What I Wore: Indigo


I get cuter every time I draw myself. What narcisism!

Scarf: vintage/ a long thin scarf with almond shaped ends
Scarf loop: sterling silver, vintage
Sweater: Vintage
Broach: handmade by me!
Skirt: handmade by me! Indigo fabric bought in Tokyo
Tights: offwhite and super warm
Flats: Zara