Daily Wear Doodle


This outfit is all vintage except the hair accessories.

Rock n Roll Hairdresser

I’m going to Stuttgart at the end of august to tattoo a few days at Melli’s hairsalon. The photos should be fun! I did her tattoo as a logo so she can use it on business cards or t-shirts!


Time for Drawing

Everyone in Paris is away on vacation. So, I drew this yesterday, I don’t know if I’ll ever do anything with it except share with you.


Two Logos Today

Very productive on the logo front. One commission from a photographer and one for a friend who is a burlesque artist.

logo4 logo3 logo2 mermaid


Logo Design

Here’s the new t-shirt for one of Trinity’s many bands and some work I’ve done for her in the past.

crybabylogo crybabyt-shirt kamakaziqueens