Abandoned Project

Sometimes I’m not able to capture that je ne sais quoi…. the client is looking for.


More New Stuff= More Things to Win

I just got samples of my new stickers with Yujean. I’ ll send a package with one of each to some lucky person. Just leave a comment below and I’ll pull a name at random.


Trick or Treat

I’ve been getting in the mood for Halloween. Here’s some images for you to get in the spirit too!

My Halloween collection:


A page from my sketchbook:



The Parisienne

These images are from an artist I’m just learning about: Jean-Gabriel Domergue. Apparently he claims to have invented the “pin-up”. His style changed a lot over the years (he got started in the 1920’s) but I’m currently obsessed with his ideal of the “Parisienne”, which I see as a ’50’s interpretation of “La Belle Epoque”. He had a villa in Cannes which I intend to visit next time I’m there and I will write more about what I discover.

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Tin Toys

I’m a huge book collector. I find tons of inspiration for my work in books like 1000 Robots, Spaceships and Other Tin Toys and American Tin-Litho Toys.

I had the chance to go to the Museum of Tin Toys in Yokohama last spring, it was like a pilgrimage for me! (I will tell you more about that later)

Here’s a silkscreen print that I did and the toy that inspired the image. The title is Solve and Coagula (seperate and rejoin) the first priciples of alchimy. Instead of turning lead into gold she’s turning fabric into monsters!


The silkscreen print is available in my shop (ten colors!)

Back to School!

This week has been like all those years of my youth. Nervous that summer’s ending and excited about the new school year. In France it’s called La Rentrée, which I always interpreted as re-entry. It refers to the first day of school which is a fixed date every year according to the district. Also rentrer means to go home. Usually things are dead in August because everyone is on vacation and then come september there is a flurry of activity, art shows, deadlines, dinner invitations, concerts; even magazines are thicker with all the fall clothes. Speaking of which, I can’t wait to pull out my wool skirts and sweaters; and to get to work on my biggest project yet! (Stay tuned as I give you hints and progress)

Here’s a design I started to tattoo on someone. She’s yet to come back for the color so I’ll have to post the finished tattoo later. I put up this print on my etsy shop!


New Jelewery Just Released Part 5 of 5

Yes this is the last bracelet in the series. Also inspired by Gothic Lolita and all things girly. Carosel horse, candy, lipstick, and perfum bottles. Click here to order.


New Jewelery Just Released Part 4 of 5


Today’s bracelet is inspired by all the lovely Gothic Lolita’s in Harajuku and around the world. Tea, cupcakes, candy and skulls. Enjoy!