New Jewelery Just Released! Part 1 of 5

I’ve been working with Classic Hardware since 1999. The owner is a very good friend of mine. Her company has grown and grown and more recently I do new designs for her every year. This year we really had fun. I will show you the 5 new designs this week. Here’s the first peek, a new look at my classic signature sugar skull:


Etsy Update Monday!


I will be adding some new prints and original to my shop. Thanks for looking!

My Girls For Mimi A La Mode

I’ve done quite a few illustrations for a cute little shop called Mimi A La Mode on Melrose in Los Angeles. Mimi sells cute shower caps, she believes that a girl can be glamorous even in the bathroom!




Just Released!


New keychains avaiable from Yujean


Album cover I illustrated for a friend here in Paris. Milan was an enigmatic muscian, producer from the 60’s. He’s mostly known for this great tune “I’m a Leather boy”. Find out more about Milan here.