Here’s Lili the french comic book I was telling you about. Lili has a parrot named Rarahu who loves her. Lili lives in Paris with no parental surveillance. It’s not clear if she’s a teenager or a girl just out of college.


Lili’s guardian is her uncle M. Minet a philosophy professor. To me he’s very beatnik, but everyone seems to regard him as kind of a square. I’m jealous of his apartment, a rooftop artist style atelier.


Her American boyfriend Dan:


Dan’s millionaire grandfather from Texas.


Lili the comic started in 1909 and was illustrated by many different artists, my favorite being Alexandre Gérard, especially those done in the 1950’s.

Some great episodes are:”Lili au music-hall” and “Lili à St-Germain-des-Prés”