Here’s the watercolor portraits I did of some of the members of Gang of Witches, artist collective:

Paola- is the Queen of the GOW universe.

Sophie- is a writer, and singer, our version of Euterpe (the muse of music).

Sunny- is the official tattoo artist of Gang of Witches.

Soap- is our sound wizard.

Ciou- is aa artist and a passionate toy collector.

Vivien- is a photographer, and graphic designer.

Miikka- the film maker, made the music videos for Gang of Witches.

Sabrine- is a documentarist, she made a short film about us!

Gaelle- is our planet mistress, (she does the cover illustration of our book every year) and she is a scientist!

Mina- is the granddaughter of a witch!

Amelie- is a dancer, specialising in Waacking.

Gang of Witches

On the whole our artist collective is made up of a variable geometry. In short we add new members constantly and some go away. Since a few important members are missing from this series, in order to honor them, I hope to paint and add them soon. Especially such jewels as Julie Atlas Ruiz, Emilie, Valerie, and Wendy.

In general the portraits are watercolor and ink, others have some pastel, for blending. Although I’ll be re-doing a few of these images because we are not happy with all of them!

Not only for the members of the gang, I created these images for our book as well. Whereas some were published in 2019, the rest will be published in the future. They are based on photos and my signature tattoo style. They were executed in Paris over the course of 2018 and 2019. It takes me about a week and a half for each one.

Whereas our collective Gang of Witches started in 2016. Our major objective is to establish a protected space for reflection. Because artists need a bubble, undisturbed by any productive constraints. We want to provide one that is rich in singular propositions, fertile, powerful, and committed. We are painters, sculptors, writers, photographers, video artists, film makers, illustrators, tattoo artists, musicians, dancers and performers. This is year 3 of a nine year cycle, each cycle named after a planet within this solar system. Our message is :

Wake up Time’s up Rise up

Here’s a little slide show of the unveiling of the series. Photos by Luke Atkinson

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