Dharma Bums

My favorite Jack Kerouac book by far. Check out the beautiful book covers available:

Jack looking very Christ-like in this amazing photo:

I still want to read Dharma Punx by Noah Levine about ex-addict punk rockers using buddhism to help their recovery. Anyone read it? What did you think? Do I have any drug-free/alcohol-free readers out there? I would love to hear from you.

Oslo Rock City Jamboree Part 5

A sweet tattoo I did on a nurse!


Our Oslo girl gang:


There was a corner for getting cool haircuts.


Sacha’s art show:


I met Jon Nordstrom the author of Danish Tattoo a history book about Danish tattooing.



Here’s a great review of the Book

On the walk sunday morning:

oslo2 oslo29 oslo31

My booth was next to Mattias, I couldn’t help myself but to buy a new tattoo machine.

Lundberg Custom


He let me try it out on him:


Morgan tattooing Myrtille:


The bands were great!



The Goo Men were great, but I didn’t get any pictures

Hola Ghost bass, guitar and drum machine

guitar and vox Hola Pete (ex Nekromatix and Mad Sin)


Los Plantronics 10 piece band!


I did this tattoo a few days before but it could have been a portrait of the drummer!

oslo26 oslo27


And it all came undone!


Illustrations from a 1964 Beauty and Well Being Encyclopia-French

I really love these books meant for young women in the 1950’s and 1960’s. They gave all kinds of good advice and techniques for life. I have some sewing manuals and etiquette books that remind me of this one. I got these images from “L’encyclopedie Beauté Bien-être” which I found in my favorite used book store in Cannes.





vintagebeauty1 vintagebeauty2 vintagebeauty3 vintagebeauty4 vintagebeauty5




I love the novels of Emile Zola. The first one I read was “L’oeuvre” which was required reading at Goldfield’s. I read it in english. Next I began “Au Bonheur des Dames” in English but didn’t finish it. This year I read it in french. When I first started to read in french I bought children’s books. I think I’ve come a long way! I used to have to look up every 10th word. Now whenever I come across a word I don’t understand I ask my husband or family and sometimes we all have to look it up! That means my french is pretty good. The last Zola that I read was La Curée. Next I’m going to try to read all 20 of the series Family Rougon-Macquart in chronological order. It’s not really important what order you read them, but I thought I might find the thread this time.

In the latter two books I mentioned there are a lot of beautiful descriptions of women’s fashion, lace, enormous dresses, corsets, ribbons and finery.

The novels are set around the period known as “La Belle Epoque”. This period started around 1896 at the end of a nasty economic depression and ended in 1914 at the eve of the first world war. The 1900 Universal Expo was held in Paris and art and fashion was in a beautiful renaissance.


La Résistance

The underground french resisitance is a period of history that I’m greatly interested in. I just finished reading “Paris Underground” by Etta Shiber. It was written while the war was still underway and she had been traded for another german woman who was a war prisoner in the US. Etta and her friend Kitty Beaufoux were caught helping English soldiers sneak out of occupied France. They helped over 150 young men. The book is fascinating as it explains real personal experience.

You can read the book here.


The Croix de Lorraine, chosen by General Charles de Gaulle as the symbol of the resistance.[1]


The French flag with the Cross of Lorraine, emblem of the Free French.

I’m also interested in films depicting this period but I don’t know of many. maybe you readers can help me out?

François Truffaut‘s 1980 film Le Dernier Métro  looks interesting as does the comedy “Papy fait da la résistance”

Every Idea Comes From Somewhere

When I saw this photo of a Godzilla/Kaiju monster plushie rock band, I knew I had to paint it! You can find lots of great collectables like these in An Unautorised Guide to Godzilla Collectables by Sean Linkenback Schiffer Books.




Tin Toys

I’m a huge book collector. I find tons of inspiration for my work in books like 1000 Robots, Spaceships and Other Tin Toys and American Tin-Litho Toys.

I had the chance to go to the Museum of Tin Toys in Yokohama last spring, it was like a pilgrimage for me! (I will tell you more about that later)

Here’s a silkscreen print that I did and the toy that inspired the image. The title is Solve and Coagula (seperate and rejoin) the first priciples of alchimy. Instead of turning lead into gold she’s turning fabric into monsters!


The silkscreen print is available in my shop (ten colors!)


Is it Godzilla? Is it a robot? I don’t know but I love it! Someboby, please come and get this tattooed by me!


Here he is in his original state. Plus a photo of me with Teruhisa Kitahara the owner of Toys Club and the Tin Toy Museum in Yokohama. His book Robots and Spaceships is available through Taschen.