Pour les Parisiens

Je vais avoir un stand au Cantada le 4 decembre, 2010



Kees Van Dongen

Some things I was able to find out about Kees Van Dongen: he was born in Holland, and he once shared an atelier with Picasso. He hung out with Kiki de Monparnasse and liked to frequent “les maisons closes”. He was known as a member of the movement “Fauvism”, when I looked up fauve I saw that it means “big cats”. Can anyone explain this to me?

I like his style, it reminds me a bit of Edward Gorey. There is an exhibit currently of his work in Amsterdam, I may have to book a ticket…

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Marianne; The Symbol of France

Door grill in the Marais, rue des Archives.

This is the kind of hat you will find on Marianne.  Marianne is an image of a woman that is supposed to represent France. The little ribbon on the side of the hat would be in red, white and blue and symbolises the revolution.


Does anyone have any information on the star and lightning bolts? (Update: Read the comments section for the symbols explained by Marjorie)





Amber is one of my clients from New Jersey, even though she doesn’t live there either; she drove three hours to come see me. And then she came all the way to Paris to get tattooed again! Anyway she was in Europe and with a little nudge from me, she took a train from Amsterdam to spend three days in the city of lights. When discusing the ideas for this tattoo Amber made me a flickr set for inspiration. You can see it here.

Audrey Hepburn in Paris

 “Paris When it Sizzles” and “Funny Face”

Two great films which highlight all the delicious Hollywood stereotypes of Paris.

First of all the hotel suite of William Holden is my dream apartment. Terrace with a view of the Eiffel tower and balcony bedroom in a heavenly grey, black and yellow decorated interior.



Typical Bal-Populaire scene



The film has some great party scenes on the Eiffel tower and the french film studio is very swanky.

Next film:

In “Funny Face” the perfect beatnik scene when Audrey arrives in Paris and goes directly to Montmartre.


Fred Astaire arrives searching for her at a beatnik cafe and a girl gets slapped by her boyfriend, then falls into his arms in a classic “fais moi mal Johnny” cliche.


Audrey discussing “Empathacism” with her new philosopher friends. Of course the club is in a “cave”.


The most excellent beatnik dance number. Audrey in her black turtleneck, leggings and ballerinas is total 1950’s Parisian perfection.


Illustrations from a 1964 Beauty and Well Being Encyclopia-French

I really love these books meant for young women in the 1950’s and 1960’s. They gave all kinds of good advice and techniques for life. I have some sewing manuals and etiquette books that remind me of this one. I got these images from “L’encyclopedie Beauté Bien-être” which I found in my favorite used book store in Cannes.





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