Tin Toys

I’m a huge book collector. I find tons of inspiration for my work in books like 1000 Robots, Spaceships and Other Tin Toys and American Tin-Litho Toys.

I had the chance to go to the Museum of Tin Toys in Yokohama last spring, it was like a pilgrimage for me! (I will tell you more about that later)

Here’s a silkscreen print that I did and the toy that inspired the image. The title is Solve and Coagula (seperate and rejoin) the first priciples of alchimy. Instead of turning lead into gold she’s turning fabric into monsters!


The silkscreen print is available in my shop (ten colors!)

Il Est Terrible!

This robot thief cracks me up! He’s part of a new sheet of flash I just finished up this morning.



I think he’d make a great t-shirt, but it would probably cost me a fortune to print all those colors. What do you think of him in black and white?




Etsy Update Monday!


I will be adding some new prints and original to my shop. Thanks for looking!

Just Released!


New keychains avaiable from Yujean


Album cover I illustrated for a friend here in Paris. Milan was an enigmatic muscian, producer from the 60’s. He’s mostly known for this great tune “I’m a Leather boy”. Find out more about Milan here.