Kunst Romantik

This July I had an art show in Stuttgart plus one week of tattooing. The weather was great and I wore shorts everyday. We had a bar b que in the country side and my husband came for the weekend! The opening was a lot of fun with lots of cool folks. The art show consisted of me and three other girlfriends of Melli’s. A great photographer, a vegan chef/illustration artist and another tattoo artist who draws on to-go paper coffee cups.

Here’s two tattoos I did early in the week:



In front of an amazing gate at a church.


A guy named Elvis:



Melli was my host and I tattooed in her hair salon. The folks at Flaming Star were really great (as always)! You must visit this shop if you’re ever in Stuttgart.

More photos from this trip very soon!

Akiza Gallery


Akiza Gallery located at 3 rue Tholozé near Montmartre

also found here.

A nice gothic/Industrial type gallery/shop run by a nice couple who are also artists.

I had some things on display for a show called Zombie Gateau!


Le Rendez-Vous des Créatrices

Je vais avoir un stand ce weekend!

Venez c’est gratuit! Pensez aux cadeaux de nöel;)


Le Rendez-Vous des Créatrices

Le 13 Octobre 2012

9h à 20h


Palais des Congrès Paris Est Montreuil

128 rue de Paris

93100 Montreuil

metro: ligne 9 croix de chavaux ou robespierre



Rendez-Vous des Créatrices a vu le jour en 2011, ce salon a pour
ambition de réunir des créateurs du Fait-Main dans un seul et même lieu
et faire découvrir de nouveaux talents; Créateurs de Bijoux,
d’Accessoires, de Modes, illustrateurs etc…

Le Rendez-Vous des Créatrices, se veut un rendez-vous amical,
familial et convivial; ce qui favorise de belles rencontres mais aussi
de moins belles…

Nous souhaitons proposer aux créateurs, des espaces d’exposition
appropriés et chaleureux, toujours en proposant des tarifs des plus
justes et des plus avantageux pour nos exposants.

De plus nous essayons au maximum de valoriser nos expo-ventes en vous
proposant des défilés, des ateliers, en fonction de nos possibilités.


Pour la 4 ème Edition

Le Rendez-Vous des Créatrice est en partenariat avec le Palais des
Congrès Paris Est Montreuil, qui accueille régulièrement le salon du
livre, le salon du mariage oriental, le grand vide grenier de Naf Naf;
et bien d’autres événements de grand envergure.

Le Palais des Congrès nous a fait confiance pour cette Edition, et
nous souhaitons profiter de la notoriété du lieu, ainsi que la qualité
des exposants pour faire de cet évènement une réussite et  une référence


The Last Performance

Henry Goldfield used to say to me “we’re in showbiz”. Maybe that’s where I got the idea for my piece. Because I don’t do performance art very often I’m extremely conscious of what I am doing, why am I doing it and what does it mean? Although the performance is really an extension of what I do every day for work, I’ve taken it out of context and presented it in a way that is my own vision of tattooing and beauty.

When getting ready for the “stage” I took a lot of care in how I wanted to present myself. This is no different than any other day except the choice of items. A special occasion, merits something out of the ordinary, something extra. I choose the role, become the character, using what I can cull from the outside to create the illusion.


Self Dissatisfaction, Change and Transformation

Self image: If we are born into a body or a face that does not correspond to our ideal we have to adjust our ideal or change what is in our power to change (kustomise the chassis). Tattoos and makeup are a personal choice and how we see ourselves or would like to see ourselves. I’m an artist. “I” can be the medium I use to create my art. Living for a while in Europe I can see that it is an American idea to create your identity or create a new identity. It comes from the days of Ellis Island. The chance start a new life in the new world. Shorten your name (maybe not even by your choice) start a new story. Life is a course where we metamorphose into our true individual identity. Our personal development unfolds in layers. A chameleon changes color with it’s mood or to blend in with it’s environment. As an artist I create the image in the mirror. I decorate until I feel in harmony with what I see before me just as I change and add to a painting until I feel it’s done. This image can change as I develop or considering my surroundings.




Artifice and Mystery: Tools for Identity

Some things that I’m aware of while doing this performance; which I have my doubts about. The question occurs to me often because it’s a stereotype that I detest, that women use makeup and feminine decoration to offer themselves up as an object of desire. Think of the Peacock’s colorful display. It serves to catch the eye/grab the attention of the opposite sex. Are we really that conditioned to please? That all of our efforts at decoration are to attract a mate? I ask myself, is that why I got tattooed? The answer is no. To feel attractive gives confidence and is more of a personal desire not necessarily for others. Out of personal pride for my appearance I present the best me. Did you know that learning and magic are listed in the definition of glamour in Webster’s dictionary? For me as an artist glamour is one the best ways to express my ideas, my personality.






How can you be a feminist in high heels?

Fate brought me while I was contemplating this article a friend of one my clients with a book about “Nomads” by the feminist Rosi Braidotti. Apparently new feminists who are nomads are “in process or becoming” using some of the past to figure out our position today. Braidotti speaks of woman being considered monstrous, both fascinating and abnormal at the same time. Deviant. She is greatly influence by the work of french philosopher Deleuze also Chris Weedon. The latter spoke about the female being considered “different”. Male equals logical, female equals irrational (intuitive). Difference is seen as negative. How curious that tattoos are also seen as negative! I got tattooed to be different. Maybe it’s because I already feel different by being a woman. I want to mark and accentuate this difference with make-up, long hair and skirts. Maybe even high heels if I don’t have to walk too far! People say that being tattooed is a masculine trait. I don’t agree. The tattooed woman is on a quest to “be” different. Look, 90% of all tattoo magazines have a woman on the cover. The exotic image sells the magazine but is the ideal client today a woman? Maybe!

My peformance was delivered to teach, to demonstrate; to make me and the audience fascinated and curious. I guess what I’m saying is be different, stand out from the rest. If this is showbiz, the show must go on!

Rosi Braidotti. Nomadic Subjects: Embodiment and Sexual Difference in Contemporary Feminist Theory. New York: Columbia University Press, 1994







Inside my Little Trailer

Some notes about the visuals of my performance:

Fringed shawls, scarves, a chinese lantern, beads and chains that curtained the entry, all the charms of the gypsy enchantress.


I was really pleased with the first photos. The caravan created a frame around me and my client. The images remind me of comic episodes of live action inside a hollowed out tv cabinet.


Strong symbols of blood and roses, needles and daggers. Classic tattoo imagery.


Photos from our stay in a real gypsy wagon, photos of my grandmother, a really great bakelite and rhinestone crucifix, some of my sugar skulls, all the little personal touches I added to make the space really mine.


A page out of Glenn Barr’s book; “Savage Women Captured!” It’s message is in harmony with my vision of my performance art piece.



A pillow made by a client who follows this blog and appreciates my “Higher the Hair the Closer to God” posts. A girl after my own heart. Thanks so much for this thoughtful gift, Kris Munroe!



A couple of photos of me that serve as an introduction to novices of my little world.



I lit vanilla candles and for me they seemed to invoke the smell of cotton candy on the midway. Exactly the kind of ambiance I wanted to create.


Some Photos Posted by Others

These are all photos that were posted and tagged on Facebook. Most of the photos are watermarked by the photographer.

















Some Clients- Guests in my Caravan

I told some of my cherished clients; “Come and get your tattoo finshed in a fairy tale setting”.





Without my clients, their ideas, their conversation, their support, I am nothing. I am so grateful that someone would want to wear a piece of my art on them for life. I am so sensitive to the trust they place in me. Accordingly, I was so pleased to offer this special souvenir for some of my favorite clients, a tattoo session in this theatrical setting.






We had so much fun!

Now it is finished and I’m moving on to new things. I have a couple more posts of photos of the last performance and then I will show you some photos from my trip to Japan!


Le Cabaret Organique Les Photos du 26 Mai

Fascination for the forbidden.

Exposed skin,


The deviant in lipstick, and lace,

High heels and mascara.







The viewer will see my client as some kind of strange female fakir. The tattoo as a spiritual act. First the discomfort instills compassion for those who suffer involuntarily. A beatific act of beauty; by the pain entering a state of bliss (because of the endorphins) to receive grace and feel blessed.


Why does she do it? The reasons to get tattooed are as numerous as the choice of motifs. But it looks painful! Yes however, pain is a part of many beauty rituals. The tattoo machine is a torture device much like those old fashioned hood hair dryers you find at the beauty parlor. Think of all suffering we endure in the name of beauty:



High heels

Clip on earrings


Hair pulled too tight


Chemical hair dyes