Cabaret Organique 19 Mai- Ce Samedi Soir!


Samedi soir, je serai à nouveau au Cabaret Organique pour une performance. Je vais tatouer une star de l’Underground parisien, Poupée.

Saturday night, I will be holding another performance at the Cabaret Organique. I’ll be tattooing a star of the Parisienne underground, Poupée.

Cabaret Organique

16 passage Choiseul

Paris 2ème

29 euro; 46 euro 2 nights; 65 euro 3 nights

catalogue: 39 euro


Le Cabaret Organique

I’ve been dropping hints for a few weeks now about my performance art piece. The inauguration was monday night and it was a huge success. I can finally share a few photos with you of what I’ve been working on for the last few months.




The expo is a group show with many different art forms, all based on the theme of the female body. Almost a year ago I was contacted by a mysterious organisation called “Nyctalopes” about the show and asked if I would like to do a “live painting” performance. I laughed and said “it was out of the question”. Painting is so personal to me, it horrifies me to think of people watching me do it, plus my technique is so fussy and detailed that things don’t advance very fast and you wouldn’t see any evolution in just one night. However, I said, I have no problem having people watch me tattoo.




I thought it would be funny to play with typical male fantasises about tattooed women and try to make a tableau out of the act of tattooing. I always try to be glamorous at tattoo conventions, but can never make it as theatrical as I imagine. We discussed just me tattooing japanese style, on the floor, with cushions and bohemian fabrics. I also mentioned that it was a dream to have a little retro trailer to decorate and tattoo in.




A few months later I was asked me to stop by the Nyctalopes headquarters and see what Dm RK had made for me. Much to my amazement I saw this fabulous little jewel sitting in the living room. A fully dismantle-able gypsy wagon!




One day someone came by my shop with an American style mailbox. It was thier idea that I paint it like a wagon. I also already had my lucky tattoo stool in the works and decided it was a good accessory for the show. I painted the two banners that are attached to the outside of the trailer and my convention banner is also hanging in the room. There are candles and framed pictures on the inside of the trailor that I will show you later.

My room is in the basement of the gallery in what we call in France the “cave”. Vaulted ceilings and stone walls. The gallery itself is in a “Passage” a french term for a covered shopping area. There are over a dozen of these small passages in Paris and I’m crazy about them. Imagine the first mall, over 100 years old filled with quirky shops and many with artist’s ateliers.

They laid down astroturf in my room and printed a large photo of a field of cherry trees in blossom. It really makes my trailer look like it’s parked somewhere idyllic.

I hardly did anything! All I have to do is tattoo girls in it for four nights. (The next 3 consecutive saturdays) I’m also going to bring a few clients in for the next three week to use it as my tattoo studio.

To find girls to do this performance with me I held a casting at my facebook page and had over 30 responses in just 24 hours. I chose a dozen girls who’s ideas I liked and I will tattoo about three of them each night. The rules are that they have to dress very glamorous and “sexy” without being vulgar.

These photos were taken by Delphine Duverger.

I will post more photos as the month passes by and explain some of my artistic mumbo jumbo of my intentions about the performance (a small manifesto).


Sneak Peek

I’m almost done in my preparations for my performance art piece, here’s some of the decor:


Super-Charged Weekend

off3 off2 off1 off4

The OFFF festival was fun and interesting. From my booth I could hear and see the lectures given, thanks to the enormous screens. There were mostly graffic and font designers talking, which is not my field of interest, but who knows about the future? Tara McPherson gave a talk friday and of course was the most interesting for me, because she’s a friend and is working in the same way as me.

I took some silly photos of my outfits but missed the last day. I thought it would be fun to wear super high heels since I was sitting all day! I had to organise myself well because friday and saturday after the expo I went across the park to dance to rock n roll music at the Born Bad Festival. Last night was fun because all the work was over and the Masonics were great!

Art Show in Canada

Here’s an art show that I have a few pieces in:
 Tart Arts proudly presents…


The 4th Annual 


A celebration of international female pop artists and art for One Night Only!
Paintings, illustration, digital art and prints in honour of International Women’s Day.
Touring show will also exhibit in Phoenix AZ and Asbury Park NJ as well as the virtual world of Secondlife.


Pilar Alvarez  (Canada)
Holly Ruth Anderson  (Canada)
Roxanna Bikadoroff  (Canada)
Jenn May Brisson   (Canada)
Sunny Buick   (USA)
Christina Christie   (Canada)
Molly Crabapple  (USA)
Kirsten Easthope  (USA)
Rheanna Fancypants   (Canada)
Cynthia Frenette   (Canada)
Avrell Fox    (Canada)
Kelly Haigh   (Canada)
Claudia Hek  (Netherlands)
Femke Hiemstra (Netherlands)
Angelique Houtkamp (Netherlands)
Christine Karas  (USA)
Mimi Kersting  (USA)
Yumiko Kayukawa  (Japan)
Phresha La Vandale   (Canada)
Vicki M. (Canada)
Megz Majewski (Canada)
Newdoll Nikolaidis  (Australia)
Lisa Petrucci  (USA)
Liizah Radforth (Canada)
Bonni Reid  (Canada)
Nicole Steen  (Canada)
Heather Watts  (Canada)


Friday March 5   7-11pm
Ayden Gallery
88 W .Pender St. 2nd Floor- International Village-Tinseltown


With Special Guest DJ Kookie

Artwork for Charity

Artwork for Charity, originally uploaded by sunnybuick.

This was done for Sara Rosenbaum at Tatou Obsur in Berlin where I worked last week. It is for an art show benefiting the Children’s hospital in Berlin.



This Friday in Australia!


6a0115723bccfd970b0120a61405ae970c-500wi 6a0115723bccfd970b0120a5bd5ee6970b-500wi


Contact the gallery if you want to be put on a waiting list for my paintings for this show!

7PM – 9PM
249 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Sydney: 13A Burton Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010
Tattoo Group Show

International Artists
Sunny Buick
Thomas Hooper
Alex Binnie
Mike Giant
Tara McPherson

And Local Australian Artists
Matthew Gordon
Rose Hardy
Kate Knowles
Jane Laver
RiK Lee