Paris Fashion in 1950’s American Fashion Magazines

Paris the capital of fashion! My favorite vintage period for clothes is the 1950’s and fashion magazines like Vogue and this September 1957 issue of Bazaar were chock full of fashion spread and advertisements from the city I love so much. More to come!





The Bee Hive

The higher the hair the closer to God.

Vintage H 045, originally uploaded by blond_bouffant.
I used to have long blond hair and could wear my hair in a beehive.
Me with The Millionaire from Combustible Edison in front of Wacko in Los Angeles:
In front of Slim’s in San Francisco, one hot summer night. Gone to see Los Straightjackets.

The 1950’s Paris Obsession

Almost every Vogue or Bizarre magazine that I have from the ’50’s has ads or fashion spreads about Paris. I’m going to start a series to show you the Paris chic and mention some good movies to see.

Here’s a few from Vogue:








I Wanna be Dolores del Rio for Halloween


Did anyone notice the crazy cat hat in the film Inglourious Basterds, on the french girlfriend of Goebbels? Must find a photo of that!

PS: A reader sent me an image where you don’t see the hat very well, but you get the idea! Gorgeous!



The Parisienne

These images are from an artist I’m just learning about: Jean-Gabriel Domergue. Apparently he claims to have invented the “pin-up”. His style changed a lot over the years (he got started in the 1920’s) but I’m currently obsessed with his ideal of the “Parisienne”, which I see as a ’50’s interpretation of “La Belle Epoque”. He had a villa in Cannes which I intend to visit next time I’m there and I will write more about what I discover.

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Costumes for Mimi

Here’s some photos of the costumes I’ve made. I’m in no way a professional, but Mimi has great ideas and we have fun when we work together.

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In this photo I didn’t make Mimi’s costume, but my own. We were gogo dancers at The Loud Muffler’s Hot Rod festival in Vernouillet, France.


Inovation Under the Occupation

Last week I went to a museum exposition here in Paris in-titled: “Accessoires et Objets, témoignages de vies de femmes à Paris 1940-1944” (personal witnesses from the lives of women in occupied Paris)

Shoes were rationed because of the rubber soles and the capital of fashion responded with wooden soled shoes which you could buy without a coupon. Some fashion magazine illustrations enthusiastically showed the “country girl look” and the link between the heritage of the french clog and the more sleek ’40’s platform version. Innovative fashion designers showed hats fabricated from recycled wood shavings.

There were false bottomed purses for hiding fliers for the resistance. Scarves printed with the map of France to help soldiers keep warm and find their way. A little hankie embroidered with ESPOIR “hope” in red and blue. Other patriotic accessories some obvious and others just bleu, blanc, rouge. Makeup for the legs to give the appearance of stockings.

There were a few items showing propaganda for the other side as well. Mention was made of the young women who went out with German officers in order to have her luxury items. A funny naive drawing showed two German officers being towed in their enormous black car by two work horses, a joke about fuel rationing.

There were patterns available in magazines to make your own hat and bag. Sporty fashions appropriate for bicycle riding had their own fashion shows and newsreels, as riding around in a taxi became impossible with gas rationing.

The military look was a heavy influence during those years. Shoulder pads and sharp clean lines were prevalent in day suits. “La java” a popular musette number was transformed into “La java 1943” with lyrics pertaining to the lack of everything due to French resources being siphoned off by the parasitic German war machine.

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Pour francophones:

Shopping and Customising

I found Betty Jo Designs one day on Flickr and nearly had a heart attack. Needless to say I immediately ordered 3 broaches. I love my strawberry eating Godzilla. They are made out of old linoleum! I wore them today on an old Brown gabardine dress that I had customized by my friend Doro in Brussels. The dress is fabulous, probably an old uniform, but I had the skull added, because it was a little plain.


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Both girls can be found on etsy here and here.

Il Est Terrible!

This robot thief cracks me up! He’s part of a new sheet of flash I just finished up this morning.



I think he’d make a great t-shirt, but it would probably cost me a fortune to print all those colors. What do you think of him in black and white?