Tigra, Belgian Cigarettes

I don’t smoke myself, but I love the packaging. You should check out the comics based on the image of the woman in a tiger suit. Gutsman comics.

tigra1 tigra2




Dream Rain Boots

I’ve been searching but I can’t find any chic galloshes. Anyone out there have any suggestions?


Pour les Parisiens

Je vais avoir un stand au Cantada le 4 decembre, 2010



Oslo Part 2

We were invited to visit the studio of Darling Clementine.


oslo8 oslo9

Satan the chihuahua, came with us too!


This is Sam Shocker one of the organizers of the Paris Tattoo convention and his girlfriend Myrtille. They were in town for the Jamboree and tattooing at Sacha’s too.


oslo10 oslo19
We also did some vintage shopping that day at a shop called The Underground. I found some warm Norwegian vintage!


I watched The Loves of Carmen (1948) last night with Rita Hayworth.
gypsylook1 rita hayworth 1948 - the loves of carmen - by robert coburn
And I was so enchanted by her outfits. Today I found some gypsy belts on etsy. Contrivedtocharm
gypsybelt gypsycorset
Peasant blouse from Jitterbuggin
And the perfect shoes: at REMIX

Lovely Parisian Eyeshadows

You can find these at your local department store that has Bourjois or on their site. It’s called the Rendez-vous à Paris Collection.

Cute retro packaging that reminds me of the 1950’s ideal of Paris.


Custom Made by Amanda Fatherazi

Remember I said I would show you the other things that Amanda made for me? The pink skull just cracks me up and the little spider lady I wear pinned to my hat. She’s sweet!