Strasbourg Part 4

Crazy Sweet Morgan asked for a tattoo on her hand.

Some of Morgan’s art. Check for more here.

Touristic views of Strasbourg:

strasbrg22 strasbrg23

Lionel and Morgan the “day after”.


Strasbourg Part 2

Leanka got dressed up in classic Alsatian costume on the first day of the convention.

Here’s some more examples of her amazing work:

stasbrg8 stasbrg9 stasbrg10


Strasbourg Part 1

Morgan made me some cupcakes!

Leanka made a beautiful table cloth this year.

One of Leanka’s new paintings.

stasbrg3 strasbrg5 stasbrg4
The convention was held in a cool 1950’s building.


Milan 2011 Part 6

I couldn’t help but notice Morg’s new tattoo by Sabado. I love his style, so clean and colorful! She got tattooed by him at the Amsterdam convention.

The painting is by Morg, beautiful, just like her! I strongly encourage my readers to click the link and go see her tattoo work.

Lastly, I’d like to share some photos of architecture that I found inspirational. You may see these sneaking their way into a near future tattoo project.

milan22 milan23 milan24
They’ve been cleaning the Duomo the last few years. It’s so clean that you can see the peach and pink in the stone. It used to be black!


Guest Spot in New Jersey

Still on the subject of travel and tattooing, I’m headed for New Jersey again in april. I’ll be tattooing in Bradley Beach, near Asbury Park, at Electric Tattoo. The dates will be april 10th to the 16th. Contact me soon for an appointment.



I’m Back!

Well, sort of. I still don’t have internet at home, something about a wrong cable. Things seem to take forever around here. I’m also still waiting for the gas to be hooked up.

I’ve been super busy other than that and I will soon post tons of photos of new tattoos, the Milan convention and the apartment.

Next week, I will be leaving again for a tattoo convention in Strasbourg. If you are in the area come by or contact me for an appointment.


Tattoo Convention Strasbourg the 4th, 5th and 6th march.


Oslo Rock City Jamboree Part 5

A sweet tattoo I did on a nurse!


Our Oslo girl gang:


There was a corner for getting cool haircuts.


Sacha’s art show:


I met Jon Nordstrom the author of Danish Tattoo a history book about Danish tattooing.



Here’s a great review of the Book

On the walk sunday morning:

oslo2 oslo29 oslo31

My booth was next to Mattias, I couldn’t help myself but to buy a new tattoo machine.

Lundberg Custom


He let me try it out on him:


Morgan tattooing Myrtille:


The bands were great!



The Goo Men were great, but I didn’t get any pictures

Hola Ghost bass, guitar and drum machine

guitar and vox Hola Pete (ex Nekromatix and Mad Sin)


Los Plantronics 10 piece band!


I did this tattoo a few days before but it could have been a portrait of the drummer!

oslo26 oslo27


And it all came undone!


Oslo Part 4

I tattooed Sacha’s apprentice, Anita. She asked for a tattoo that represented her love of drawing. I sat myself at her desk to get an idea of her universe and her spirit when she draws. I did a few sketches based on what I saw. She keeps all her pencils, rulers and brushes in a cute coffee cup and it was the idea she chose!


Anita at the Oslo Rock City Jamboree (more on that later).


There’s a firehouse across the street from Sacha’s shop with old fashioned trucks!


The sign outside Sacha’s shop. I love a hand painted sign!


Sacha took down a lot of his paintings for an art show at the Jamboree.


Young Love in Oslo (Part 3)

I tattooed Sacha last week in his shop in Oslo. He is always teasing Annette, his girlfriend because she has two big front teeth. So when we decided on a pinup tattoo, we put her in a bunny costume. At the last minute Sacha asked for the teeth added as well. So it’s a tribute to his love!



Later Annette asked me to do a portrait of Sacha, I suggested a frog but she decided on a rabbit as well. They always call each other Honey Bunny. Sacha has a silver tooth, I aslo added his ear plugs and neck tattoos. But my favorite detail is the facial hair! What a cute couple!


The young lovers:


This is the church across the street from Sacha’s shop. He has a view of it from the waiting area. On the other side of the shop he has a view of industrial buildings but the sun sets on that side and they are both incredible views! The shop is really a dream to work in.