Oslo Part 2

We were invited to visit the studio of Darling Clementine.


oslo8 oslo9

Satan the chihuahua, came with us too!


This is Sam Shocker one of the organizers of the Paris Tattoo convention and his girlfriend Myrtille. They were in town for the Jamboree and tattooing at Sacha’s too.


oslo10 oslo19
We also did some vintage shopping that day at a shop called The Underground. I found some warm Norwegian vintage!

Oslo Part 1

I was invited by my friend Sacha to come tattoo at his shop in Oslo. Primitive Abstract gronlandsleiret 37 5th floor 0190 Oslo 004748181619

This was the first tattoo I did: getting in the Halloween spirit!


Sacha’s beautiful shop.

oslo14 oslo16


Island Church and Last Tattoo

Lovely church on an island in a lake.


The last tattoo was so huge that I didn’t finish it. People find sneaky was to get me to come back!


The Chinese Garden

So, one of the things that I wanted to visit in Stuttgart was the chinese gardens. We all met up sunday morning to go check it out. We were eating pretzels:)

stuttgart35 stuttgart34 stuttgart33 stuttgart32 stuttgart31 stuttgart30 stuttgart29

Saturday Morning Walk and Monkey Astronaut

We found this cafe called Bittersweet and the salon next to it in a covered passage. Would have taken lunch there but we had just finished breakfast!


Lovely antique store just across the street.


I also found some illustrated children’s stories in a book store nearby. All located on Im Hof der Wagnerstrasse.

stuttgart20 stuttgart19 stuttgart18

I found this great millinery supply store called Goldknopf, Charlottenplatz 17, where I bought ribbon and fake fur to make collars for this winter and the fabulous facinator you can see me wearing in the photos below.


We stumbled upon the flea market and had curry vegetable soup from the organic food truck.


stuttgart28 stuttgart27 stuttgart26

Pretzels, Beer and Sausage

You thought I was kidding about Dinkel Acker and pretzels? They are everywhere in Stuttgart!

stuttgart15 stuttgart12 stuttgart11


At the supermarket they had built a football stadium out of Dinkel Acker.

stuttgart24 stuttgart14 stuttgart13

This is Jassi’s tattoo:


She let me go crazy with the colors. She also brought us fresh pretzels everyday! Bag of pretzels:


Stuttgart: First Tattoo


Three of my tattoos last weekend involve beer, ray guns and sausages. Funny idea for a tattoo? Three girlfriends who’s last names correspond to these items, wanted their friendship in memorial. First one was on Melli, who’s hair salon I was a guest. Melli loves herself as a pink sausage, it made her laugh like crazy:)

That’s Melli in the purple wig.

stuttgart6 stuttgart5 stuttgart4 stuttgart3
More photos to come!

Day Trip to Lille

We went to Lille this weekend. It’s only one hour by train from Paris. The architecture reminds us of Belgium.


Long Beach and the Oldest Tattoo Shop in the USA

I went to Long Beach to check out the oldest tattoo shop in the US. I also was on fourth street also known as “Vintage Row”. Cool trip but very bad traffic on the way back to LA. Should have stayed on the Queen Mary!