California: Alemeda Fleamarket

Our first day in California and my first time to The Alemeda Fleamarket. I would have bought a ton of stuff if I wasn’t lugging everything home in a small suitcase!


Spring Pilgrimage to Monet’s Gardens

After seven years of living in France I finally made it out to Giverny to see Monet’s famous gardens. I always meant to go in spring and something always came up to make me put it off. Now, after seeing it I feel determined to go every spring because it is just so beautiful and inspiring. The sky was just slightly cloudy which, I think made for better photos. Enjoy!

giverny1 giverny2 giverny3 giverny4 giverny5 giverny6 giverny7 giverny8 giverny9

To get there you must buy a ticket at Gare St Lazare for the “grands lines” to Vernon and then take a shuttle bus to Giverny. There is an Impressionist museum out there (which I didn’t visit this time) and you could walk back to the train if you’re courageous, it’s 7 km. There’s no picnicking in the gardens but you could bring one and enjoy it outside, the village is also very beautiful.



Amber is one of my clients from New Jersey, even though she doesn’t live there either; she drove three hours to come see me. And then she came all the way to Paris to get tattooed again! Anyway she was in Europe and with a little nudge from me, she took a train from Amsterdam to spend three days in the city of lights. When discusing the ideas for this tattoo Amber made me a flickr set for inspiration. You can see it here.

Hamburg Part 6 Grossefreheitstrasse

Grossefreheit is the famous street where the Star Club used to rock. They tore down the original building, here’s what it looks like today:


Here’s some other great clubs. I imagine that they used to be nightclubs with music, now they are strip bars. Still the sixties architecture is great! Look at me the little tourist in some of the mirrors!

hamburg19 hamburg20 hamburg21 hamburg22



Hamburg Part 4 Silke Thoss

One of the main reasons I wanted to go to Hamburg was to meet Silky. Trinity introduced her to me and gave me her book “Good Morning Strange World”. Silky plays accordion in Watzloves and Hoodoo Girl. She also does great paintings, my favorites of which are portraits of country and western and R ‘n’ B stars.I got to visit her studio and buy a painting of Thelonius Monk.


Silky1 silky2 silky3 silky4 silky5 silky6 silky7


Hamburg Part 3 Herbert Hoffman

I found Herbert Hoffman’s old shop and took some pictures. Didn’t get to see the inside, maybe next time.

hamburg9 hamburg10 hamburg11 hamburg12
Here’s me and him taken at the Milano tattoo convention about 5 years ago.


Hamburg Loves Sailors- Hamburg Part 2

hamburg18 hamburg23 hamburg24

All of these pictures were taken in the St Pauli district and in just about one hour of walking around. I feel like it’s just scratching the surface.

hamburg1 hamburg2 hamburg3 hamburg4 hamburg5 hamburg6 hamburg7 hamburg8


Hamburg Part 1

I’ve just got back from Hamburg where I spent 5 days visiting and tattooing. The first night my friend Trinity from Berlin was playing with her band Kamikazi Queens. Also on the bill was Dead Bolt and Rev. Horton Heat. The venue was on Grossefreheit the famous street where the Star Club used to be, where the Beatles got started. Hamburg also played an important part in the history of the Monks, but I’m not sure if they played the Star Club.

hamburg26 hamburg27 hamburg28 hamburg29 hamburg30 hamburg31
In Hamburg there are ship and sailor traces everywhere, get ready for nautical and tattoos to come!