The Butterfly

Symbol of Transformation

I love and obsess about the butterfly as a symbol for transformation. I guess I find a lot of hope and aspiration thinking that I am capable of great transformation in my life and in my psyche. I think of the phases and changes the caterpillar goes through to become the beautiful butterfly. It is not easy. In the cocoon everything dissolves into a sticky goo. I can relate to the difficult phases we must go through to actualise. Can you see this in your life too? Tell me in the comments. 

The butterfly symbolises for me:
Transformation/transcendence and spirituality
The soul
Time that quickly passes
The artist’s ability to transform material
The social butterfly who floats easily through human interactions
What does it symbolise for you? 

Pocket Shrines



Cruelty free butterfly shadow boxes.

This is my very own imitation of taxidermy. I’m so attracted to taxidermy, natural history museums and cabinets of curiosity, but I’m also aware of the animals who suffer for human desire to collect and accumulate. So, I think a paper butterfly in a shadow box is the just solution!

Another reason why I’m obsessed with butterflies is symmetry.
All of the tattoos on my body are symmetric. Someone once told me that people who seek symmetry compulsively are insane 😅
I don’t know if that is true, but I do value balance.
Harmony and balance are considered elements of beauty.
I also think about the mirror image and reflection. The mirror for those special people in our lives who show us by the quality we don’t like in them, exactly what it is that WE need to work on. And reflection for taking time to see and think.
Good reminders for me on the road to transformation.

24 cm by 32,5 cm
Paper, ink, fimo clay, hair pin
There is glass in the frame that is not shown in this photo. Thanks for your support all through these difficult times.

You can acquire these paintings here:here:


Transcendance, Transformation and Metamorphosis, I think a lot of my work is exploring this theme. And I think it is a metaphor for my spiritual quest and desire. I hope that I can become aware and help others to achieve enlightenment as well. I also want to strive to be always growing, bringing my work to the next level and pushing myself farther.


What do I want to transform into?

I will let you in all all my wildest dreams. I want to be showing in museums, public art spaces & site-specific art spaces. Making installations and immersive theatre and/or VR. I want to give lectures or participate in conferences at Universities, about the history of tattooing, my journey, and underground art movements.

I’ve made so many of my dreams come true in the past:

  • Learned to tattoo
  • Photographed by Pierre et Gilles
  • Moved to France, learned French

A few years ago, I was feeling stuck and I started to make an inventory about the dreams I still have. One of those dreams is going to art school, getting an MFA. Another dream is to push myself as far as I possibly can as an artist. To explore deeper waters. I discovered some HUGE desires. Then comes the questions: What is stopping me? What am I afraid of? Why are these crippling family conflicts happening now? Why am I stuck?

Over the next few posts, I will share with you some of the personal work I’m doing to take me to the next level. My vision for me and also the future. How I’m using shadow work to figure out my conflicts with myself and others. My fears and what I’m doing to combat them. I hope you’ll enjoy learning my process. Maybe there is some way that I can help you. What transformation do you want to make? Please write it in the comments.

La Femme Papillon

The Butterfly Woman