French Fall Looks 1950


I dream of a black gabordine v neck suit like the ones below:


Since I’ve moved to Europe I’m always looking for wool dresses. This is the kind I look for:

winter fashion

Janine Basil Hat Designer

Janine is an english girl selling her wares on etsy. She has some fascinators inspired by my mexican sugar skulls and comic book fight words like bam, pow, kapow! I also love the crown hats, I got a black glitter one and plan on wearing it in Milan. We may be collaborating in the future! I will let you know. Click here for her shop.

janine1 janine2 janine3 janini4 janine5 janine


I bought my first tube of MAC lipstick, Ruby Woo. Can you believe it? I know but there’s always been another brand that I liked, so I never got around to it until now. I used to wear a nice red by Bourjois but they changed packaging (don’t you hate that?) and the colors as well.


It’s really bright and matte! I like it:) Here’s the makeup I use:


1 Blush by Paul and Joe no. 7

2 Creamy Matte Foundation Paul and Joe no. 20

3 Moisturizing Foundation Primer Paul and Joe no. 2

4 MAC Ruby Woo

5 Pressed Powder Paul and Joe no. 2

6 Maybelline Great Lash

7 Black Liquid Eyeliner Bourjois

8 Iridescent nude eyeshadow Bourjois

9 Old brush Charles of the Ritz (anybody remember them? they went out of business in 1994)

10 Eyeshadow brush

Daily Wear Doodle


This outfit is all vintage except the hair accessories.

Just Some Outfits

I’ve been really busy showing my mom around town, so I haven’t had any time for blogging. Here’s some outfit photos just for fun. Second photo taken at the Rothschilde estate on the riviera.

sud fetenational

Scarf Game

Here’s a great project I found in Modes et Travaux august 1950.

scarf1 scarf2 scarf3 scarf4

Model no. 15 calls for a jersey or light wool plaid. The extreme points are folded in and sewn so you can pass a thin belt of the same fabric. Model no. 16 suggests silk. Two bands cut on the bias sewn together to form a chevron leaving a space open on each side in which the arms can go through. Model no. 17 very sporty with a tie belt and pocket on one end. Model no. 18, more dressy, reversible. Cut two bands on the bias in silk or crèpe in two opposing colors.