Cha Cha

This costume reminds me of the apache dancers of Paris, but it’s mexican. Anyone know the origins?

On Turning 40

It was my birthday yesterday. A big one. I was a little nervous in the weeks precendent, feeling nostalgic for the last day of my thirty years. But I had a great day and feel like it was a great start to this new decade.

My new haircut and hat.

40bday1 40bday2
Hat: by Bonnie’s Knitting on etsy

Necklace: 1920’s Czech glass
Broach: handmade by me with Indigo that I bought in Tokyo
Blouse: handmade by me

I got this little monkey in the mail, a present to myself from etsy.


Laurent offered me the hugemungous Magic book by Taschen and I got a luxurious sac from Longchamp from my belle mere. We took a bus to San Michel where I bought a new umbrella. From there we went to La Chapelle to a favorite Indian takeout restaurant that I like because it’s not too far from the Canal St Martin where we like to picnic. Afterwards we had Bertillion ice cream on the Ile St Louis. At night we ordered sushi delivered and watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s. A perfect day!

I feel so grateful to all my friends who sent birthday wishes on Facebook and for the wonderful cards, gifts and calls that I got from my family and loved ones. Thanks everyone, I feel loved and glad to be 40 years old!

Jessica Louise Clothing

Jessica is an acquaintance from my San Francisco days. I remember when her clothes first appeared at Backseat Betty a clothing store on Haight street. She was working at Betsy Johnson at the time where I had other fashion go-to friends like Crowning Glory.

She lives in LA now and her clothes can be found at Hot Topic. I want everything she makes! I think she does her illustrations herself but I would really love to work with her!

Her site

Her myspace

jessicalouise1 jessicalouise2 pirate


I watched The Loves of Carmen (1948) last night with Rita Hayworth.
gypsylook1 rita hayworth 1948 - the loves of carmen - by robert coburn
And I was so enchanted by her outfits. Today I found some gypsy belts on etsy. Contrivedtocharm
gypsybelt gypsycorset
Peasant blouse from Jitterbuggin
And the perfect shoes: at REMIX