Saved From Moths Christmas Dress

I hadn’t worn my lovely wool red and black polka dot party dress in many years. I pulled it out of storage and put it in my suitcase for Christmas holidays. When I got to Cannes and pulled it out for ironing I found two enormous moth eaten holes in the bottom of the skirt. So I chopped off about a foot and hemmed it up quick! It’s so sad, but actually quite cute as a mini dress. I wore it with winter leggings from American Apparel (so great! so warm!) and an old pair of go-go boots (Chinese Laundry).

My Beau Pere looked so cute in his train conductor overalls and black bow tie!

The girls in their Christmas hats!


Dream Rain Boots

I’ve been searching but I can’t find any chic galloshes. Anyone out there have any suggestions?



Just look what Tospyturvy just released! I want them all, I wonder if they could make me a dice hat???


Get The Look: Teddy Girl

Velvet collar blazer from VioletForestVintage



For a more somber look, velvet collar blazer from lovinglola



Vintage reproduction jeans from Freddie’s of Pinewood


or peg and shorten a pair of Levi’s like I did on the right:


Ruffle blouse from timelesspieces



Sheer ruffles from alleycatsvintage



Lucite cameo from AuntieJeansAttic



Black flower broach from viciousvintage



Miriam Haskell Signed Cameo from lust4jewelery



Sweet pearl cameo from bazelnut



Loafers from reinvintage



Deadstock loafers from kakronti



Oxford’s from smallearthvintage


Walking Stick Umbrella from umbrellavip


Teddy Boys and Girls Part 2

Teddy Girls were the girlfriends and female counterparts of the Teddy boy movement. They often adopted the same look as their boyfriends adding cameos to their cravat and sometimes but rarely wearing a skirt. Here’s the look in a nutshell. Velvet collared blazer, jeans (rolled up) or slacks, Loafers or flat shoes, white shirt with a black tie or ribbon, cameo broach and a walking stick umbrella. Last detail, big hair!
Too Young To Die, originally uploaded by lili.chin.
If you are interested in Teddy Girl fashion, you must order Nude Magazine no. 7
Here’s some shots from the article: Photos by Ken Russell.
teddygirls2 teddygirls1 teddygirls14 



Teddy Boys and Girls

Teddy Boys started in the 1950’s. It was a nostalgic fashion movement, a way to remember a simpler time before the two world wars when gentlmen dressed with style and class. Mix that with the rock n roll movement, you add the pompadour and sideburns and get a special fashion genre. The men would wear “drape coats’ inspired by Edwardian morning coats. Sometimes with a frilly cravat or skinny tie, which I think came from American country and western fashion.
I’m pretty sure that “creepers” the rubber platform shoes came on during the 1970’s revival of Teddy boys.
Today, there’s one lone fashion icon that has made Teddy Boy fashion her own, Janelle Monàe. I love her look. She often wears tuxedo suits with saddle shoes. Her pompadour reaches respectable heights, and her dance moves are pretty cute!
Teddy Boy, originally uploaded by María Zeta *.


1. ROCK N ROLL REVIVALISTS, PENZANCE, 1983, 2. ROCK N ROLL REVIVALISTS, PENZANCE, 1983, 3. ROCK N ROLL REVIVALISTS, PENZANCE, 1983, 4. pete, 5. Paul and Old Dave, 6. GD*6783642, 7. teddy boys tutta la vita., 8. A 1970s Fenland wedding, 9. teddy family!!!!!, 10. My creation: Teddy Boys, 11. Teddy Boy, 12. Janelle Monáe


What I Wore: Indigo


I get cuter every time I draw myself. What narcisism!

Scarf: vintage/ a long thin scarf with almond shaped ends
Scarf loop: sterling silver, vintage
Sweater: Vintage
Broach: handmade by me!
Skirt: handmade by me! Indigo fabric bought in Tokyo
Tights: offwhite and super warm
Flats: Zara


Japanese Fabric: Indigo

I’ve always wanted to make something out of Indigo. Given my love of denim and all things japanese, it makes the perfect marriage. I made a broach with a leftover scrap, backed with white felt, handstiched.



I can only wear outfits like this to work when I don’t have any tattoos to do, drawing days or just some consultations. I usually wear all black because I’m always getting splattered tattoo ink on my clothes.

Scarf: vintage/ a long thin scarf with almond shaped ends

Scarf loop: sterling silver,vintage

Sweater: Vintage, my broach is hiding two gold fishes

Broach: handmade by me!

Skirt: handmade by me! Fabric bought in Tokyo

Tights: offwhite and super warm

Flats: Zara