New Ukulele


I got a new ukulele! It is a Gretsch resonator (tenor) and I put a low G string on it to make it sound a little more like the guitar. I wanted to buy a Kala electric but wasn’t able to find a good disbuter to order it for me so this was the best comprimise. The resonator amplifies the sound so it’s like the step between acoustic and amplified. I’ve been having fun with it!


Kitten on the Keys


Tattoo on my old friend Suzanne Ramsey also know as “Kitten on the Keys”. She’s often in Paris performing with the Cabaret New Burlesque.

Here’s another one I did on her 15 or 16 years ago:


Video Clip

My friend katyparis filmed me at my studio a little while ago and we collaborated on this short clip. I did all the animation, it was fun!

A day with Sunny Buick.

Welcome to “A La Belle Pique” a private tattoo studio in Paris, France.

Here is your host Sunny Buick, multi-talented artist from San Francisco, California.

Follow her to her little jewelery box atelier. She has created this small show case for her paintings and a cosy spot for your custom tattoo projects.

Luminous, clean and one of the best kept secret addresses in Paris.

You’ll take the time for a cup of tea, chat, discuss art and life and who knows maybe a little music? You can come by and see, uniquely by appointment. Have a great day!

St Valentine’s


I added some background to this pinup on Valentine’s day