My First Painting in Oil


I’ve been working in oils for about 2 years, but I haven’t finished anything until now. I actually have 5 paintings that are started but far from being finished. This one was little. It is part of the decoration in my little tattoo trailer.


Tattooed Furniture Part 6

Finally, I finished my own piece of tattooed furniture! A cute little good luck footstool. You may have seen some of the inspiration I posted here and here.


I used the special sign painter’s paint called One Shot. It is a paint also used by hot rodder’s to do pinstriping. It is very stinky and should be used in a well ventilated area. The finished result is glossy like an enameled glaze. It is tricky and messy and needs to be cleaned up with turpentine. That’s why it took me so long to finish!


The footstool will be on display at my upcoming performing art piece here in Paris. Intrigued? You will hear all about it soon!

New Banner

I unveiled my new banner at the Paris Tattoo Art Fest last weekend. I wanted something that would be easier to travel with. This banner can be rolled up and fit in a suitcase, the old one needed to be folded and was all wrinkly on arrival. The idea was a tattooed burlesque dancer in a Queen of Spades costume (Dame de Pique in french). Pique means, spade, or to stab or prick in french and my shop is called A La Belle Pique (because I like to prick people with my tattoo needles, haha!). I even got a spade shaped hat from Topsy Turvy on etsy to wear all weekend. Fun!



I used some splatter and drip techniques and some irredescent paint to make the background seem like liquid. The tattoos were all inspired by two books that I have about magic shows.



Here’s some photos of me that some kind people put up on facebook.



parisartfest7 parisartfest8

Original on Etsy

I just listed this painting on Etsy. 

It’s cheap you better hurry up!


Painting for Davide

I seems like forever since I’ve finished a painting.

My friend Davide is planning on a book of rock of ages designs. I gave him the painting and he gave me a new tattoo (which I will show later).


Rare Sunny Buick Prints for sale on ETSY

I have decided to put up two prints on my etsy shop that have become really rare. I was hanging on to them to sell directly to my clients, but carrying my print portfolio to tattoo conventions has become harder for me. There are only a few of these left.

La Dresseuse and Social Butterfly



Every Idea Comes From Somewhere

When I saw this photo of a Godzilla/Kaiju monster plushie rock band, I knew I had to paint it! You can find lots of great collectables like these in An Unautorised Guide to Godzilla Collectables by Sean Linkenback Schiffer Books.