Spring Pilgrimage to Monet’s Gardens

After seven years of living in France I finally made it out to Giverny to see Monet’s famous gardens. I always meant to go in spring and something always came up to make me put it off. Now, after seeing it I feel determined to go every spring because it is just so beautiful and inspiring. The sky was just slightly cloudy which, I think made for better photos. Enjoy!

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To get there you must buy a ticket at Gare St Lazare for the “grands lines” to Vernon and then take a shuttle bus to Giverny. There is an Impressionist museum out there (which I didn’t visit this time) and you could walk back to the train if you’re courageous, it’s 7 km. There’s no picnicking in the gardens but you could bring one and enjoy it outside, the village is also very beautiful.

Ce Weekend “Metal Market” à Paris



10/04/2010Metal Excentric Market
Le Metal Excentric Market de printemps; une quinzaine d’exposants vous présenterons leurs créations ceci à partir de 16h00 jusqu’à 21h00 (tee-shirts, parures, gants, bijoux, accessoires, latex, disques, zines, livres, reprographies etc…). Ce marché est représentatif de l’état d’esprit de la Cantada; des créations exhubérantes, hors des clichés rock ou goth habituels, des piéces uniques, une atmosphére dominée par le métal sous toute ses formes; ce marché s’adresse à un public ouvert en quête d’originalité et de belles choses.
Ismene (Chapeaux, Coiffes)
Anticorps 7 (Corsets)
Lolita Pompadour (Bijoux, Accessoires)
Sunny Buick (Illustrations)
Cyber’Art (Costumes Futuristes)
STL-Monsterlune (Poupées, Vêtements, Cagoules)
Requyem For A Domina (Sandales, Bijoux)
Tranx’N (Vêtements)
Pretapenser (Badges)
Yannick Le Daniel (Mobilier, luminaires en Metal)
Pathogen (Figurines)
Yo-Han (Bijoux)
Pygnouf (Ceintures, Bracelets en cuir)
R’n’Roll Suicide (Bijoux)
Likid Sky (Bijoux, Plastrons en metal)
D-Grrr Art Show (Tirages papier série limitée, numérotés et signés, Tee-shirts)
Scars (Sculptures, Bijoux avec des dents, Vêtements)

Clovis Trouille

Yesterday I went to see the Clovis Trouille exhibit. It was quite an adventure. It is held in a small village in the far suburbs. What a pretty little town. Weeping willows and swans on the river. Two small islands like in Paris. Beautiful traditional stone houses, tea salons and a beach for swimmers in the summer. Many houses had river access and small doors that led to the basements. There’s even a Chinese pavilion, but I didn’t find it this time. We’ll go back in spring.

Clovis Trouille is one of my favorite surrealists, even if he really wasn’t a part of their tight group. To see the paintings in person was very exciting. He paints like I’d like to paint and he has a great sense of humor for the profane. He was kinda of a dirty bird, but also with a touching naivety.




This next painting was amazing, the colours and the composition was perfect. Apparently from the dates marked he worked on it for 19 years!


This next painting wasn’t in the expo, but it’s one of my favorites:


The expo is at the Musée d’art et d’histoire Louis Senlecq and the cute town is called L’Isle Adam (55 min by train from Paris).

Chinese New Year’s Parade Paris

I live near Chinatown, which is nice as it reminds me of San Francisco. Yesterday we went to see the parade for Chinese New Year.














Magical Gypsy Bakery

When you come to get tattooed by me you should pick up a little something to eat to give you strength through your torture session! There’s a little magical patisserie on the way to my shop from metro Cadet. On the left, 3, rue de Rochechouart, Aurore-Capucine. Tuesday through saturday 11:30 to 20:00 They have huge heart shaped cookies flavored jasmin and coconut, or geranium and almond paste, violet with fruit confite or chocolate with dried strawberries. There is no where else like this in Paris. Bon appetite!


Another Musical Weekend

Yesterday we went to Vinyl Office a new record store in Bastille. It was an art opening, a friend of ours Patrice Caillet, collects modified album art. You know, when people change the record album with doodles, collage or other ways of defacing the original. Some of it was fan adoration and others complete disrespect! I think sometimes people made new covers because the first was damaged. There were children’s scribbles and druggie doodles. Amongst the record store inventory, I found a french edition box set of Gene Vincent that I have been searching for since an old roommate stole my copy (very exciting since it was very reasonably priced!). I also found a cool Screamin’ Jay Hawkins disc, “Real Life”. Afterward we went to see authentic jazz in a St-Germain-des-Prés cave. Why did I wait so long!!!??? It was like a time warp, everything beatnik and cool that I imagine Paris was in the 1950’s . Serge Gainsbourg covers by some talented american musicians, check it out. They are playing again here on monday night.


Here’s an image from “Lili” a great french teenage comic strip that I adore. I love this image because it shows what a concert in a cave looks like. Check the bored beatniks! I will show you more about Lili later.


Tonight we’re going to see Sonic Chicken 4 au Gambetta.

Inovation Under the Occupation

Last week I went to a museum exposition here in Paris in-titled: “Accessoires et Objets, témoignages de vies de femmes à Paris 1940-1944” (personal witnesses from the lives of women in occupied Paris)

Shoes were rationed because of the rubber soles and the capital of fashion responded with wooden soled shoes which you could buy without a coupon. Some fashion magazine illustrations enthusiastically showed the “country girl look” and the link between the heritage of the french clog and the more sleek ’40’s platform version. Innovative fashion designers showed hats fabricated from recycled wood shavings.

There were false bottomed purses for hiding fliers for the resistance. Scarves printed with the map of France to help soldiers keep warm and find their way. A little hankie embroidered with ESPOIR “hope” in red and blue. Other patriotic accessories some obvious and others just bleu, blanc, rouge. Makeup for the legs to give the appearance of stockings.

There were a few items showing propaganda for the other side as well. Mention was made of the young women who went out with German officers in order to have her luxury items. A funny naive drawing showed two German officers being towed in their enormous black car by two work horses, a joke about fuel rationing.

There were patterns available in magazines to make your own hat and bag. Sporty fashions appropriate for bicycle riding had their own fashion shows and newsreels, as riding around in a taxi became impossible with gas rationing.

The military look was a heavy influence during those years. Shoulder pads and sharp clean lines were prevalent in day suits. “La java” a popular musette number was transformed into “La java 1943” with lyrics pertaining to the lack of everything due to French resources being siphoned off by the parasitic German war machine.

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Pour francophones: http://www.memorial-quineville.com/se_vetir.asp

Meet My Friend Mimi

Mimi de Monmartre, burlesque personality from Paris in the pages of Inrockuptibles. Mimi had a dream to do authenitic 1950’s burlesque, and I helped her in a way in the begining. I’ve made several of Mimi’s stage costumes, which I will tell you about later. You will find Mimi doing gogo dancing at one of Europe’s many garage rock festivals or performing in chic night clubs, during burlesque festivals. She’s a real Parisian Beatnik and I adore her style! Mimi and her boyfriend Fred once saved my life, it’s true! She’s beautiful from the inside out. Gros bisoux ma chere et encore merci pour tout surtout d’être mon amie!

postales 139.qxp

Check out her blog: http://mimidemontmartre2.blogspot.com

My space: http://www.myspace.com/mimi_de_montmartre

Beatnik Number:

mo1 mo4



Art Opening Report

There were a ton of people and I didn’t stay long because it was crowded and I didn’t really know anyone. The gallery is in the basement of a store specializing in vinyl toys. They have one display case dedicated to Secret Base and Super 7, my favorite because of their fidelity to the old school kaiju toy tradition.

All the customised figures were amazing. The level of creativity of some of the artists was staggering. Artoyz offers a limited edition of some miniture sized element figures designed by some local graffiti stars. Check out the owl sugar skull and the ice cream cone:

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The ice cream again and this cutie designed by Koralie:


Here’s a line of crazy cool ones.

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Mine on the upper left:

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One of my favorites was the girl with the sunglasses but the best by far was by Paulkaiju: