Paris Artfest Report

Well I made it through the weekend alive! This convention was particularly exhausting. Probably because the long trek home and back each day. There was a 20 minute walk from the metro to the park where the convention was held. The was a shuttle bus but I was only able to catch it twice.

There was so much business this year! The show is really picking up steam. I was not near the action, but they had a wrestling ring set up with the contests and some strip tease behing presented as well as wrestling. That would have been a fun distraction to watch from the booth.

Here’s some photos, the tattoos, me at work and my lovely assistant Charlotte.

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Paris Tattoo Artfest

Here’s some quick photos. Yesterday was crazy, I’m exhausted!

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Paris Tattoo Convention

Here’s my booth that I set up yesterday. The banner looks weird so high up, I’m used to the traditional short wall stands where I can hook my banner right behind me. My table cloth is brand new. I had to special order the striped fabric and it came in at the last minute. I think it’s pretty cute!

The convention is full of super nice people so far. Pictures of tattoos tomorrow!


My Submission to the Elements

As promised here’s the results of the customisation project:


45 rue de l’arbre sec
75001 PARIS
Vernisage Jeudi 24 Septembre à partir de 19h
Opening Thursday September 24th 7pm
Show runs sept 24- oct 17
à partir de 24 Septembre
jusqu’au samedi 17 Octobre


Ooo Lala!

Last night I went to see Dita Von Teese perform at Le Casino de Paris. Her new number “Fumeuse d’Opium” was smokin’!


See a little video here.

Group Expo in Paris!

I don’t get the chance to show in my home town very often, so this is a special event for me. Wish me luck to finish in time!


I will take some photos at the opening to share with you!

A Sunny Sunday in Paris

The best authentic flea-market is in the southern extremities of Paris at Porte de Vanves. The sellers are quite often the same with the same stuff for sale, but I enjoy watching the people on days when I find no treasures to bring home. I love the four playing poker with no cares if they sell a thing. Also the moment when they break out the picnic lunch with bottles of wine, mustard, green beans, baguettes and roasted chicken. The dogs are quite a lovely sight as well and perfectly socialized.


I hurried home to greet my sunday brunch guests to make some American pancakes. My husband couldn’t be happier and we have them so often that I sometimes eat something else. But I ate them! With strawberries, raspberries and caramel sauce. After brunch we all went together to the Musee D’Orsay to see the original collages of Max Ernst.


This collection is one of my all time favorites and I know it very well, but it still filled me with awe! I really want to read the novel, will I have to write it myself?

I must dig up the drawings I did from this series at age 16!

One of the added highlights was a film done in later years but based on this exposition, “The Dreams That Money can Buy”

The Evolution of an Idea

Once while walking around Paris with some visiting friends and talking about tattoo projects, we noticed that on the Louvre building there were lots of traditional tattoo symbols and in fact a lot of tattoo ideas to be found. A little while later I was invited to hang an art show at my friend’s record store, named Born Bad. I wanted to do a series of tattoo images based on the Louvre and my husband suggested the title “Born to Louvre”. Here’s a photo of the building and the painting it inspired.


Some time later someone asked for a tattoo based on this painting and here’s the result:


I’m not sure why I changed her into a mirror but it really worked well as a tattoo. Probably has some hidden symbolism that I’m not yet aware of.

I’m glad that people like my work enough to get it permanently etched into their body. I keep on working some of my crazy ideas out on paper hoping someone will want it as a tattoo. I like this idea of getting tattoos inspired by European architecture.